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Georgia Project Summary

NGS is a subcontractor on the USAID/Georgia Local Governance Program (2022 – 2027), where our role is to lead and integrate GESI sensitivities throughout all program activities. The Program applies a differentiated approach to deal with the needs of underrepresented groups in Georgia to ensure that their concerns, priorities, and experiences are an integral dimension of the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the program. NGS also provides international STTA to help carry out gender-sensitive planning and development activities and GESI-focused interventions. On the predecessor project – the USAID/Georgia Good Governance Initiative (GGI), NGS carried out research and provided technical support for the design and implementation of select GESI interventions by collecting and synthesizing evidence to better understand how the COVID-19 pandemic affected different groups in the three target municipalities in 2021. NGS’s research included quantitative data and qualitative data obtained through surveys, FGDs, and KIIs. NGS also advised and built capacity around gender-responsive budgeting at the municipal level, based on stakeholder consultations and other research.


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