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Who We Are

Our Story

Nickol Global Solutions (NGS), a fast-growing international development implementing partner, is dedicated to strengthening public institutions and civil society and amplifying the voice of all citizens for more inclusive, accountable societies. Since our founding in 2017, NGS has emerged as a highly trusted partner to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and other development agencies.

We design and implement innovative activities and projects that work with individuals, communities, civil society and governments to address the root causes of inequality, exclusion, and poverty. Our solutions are context-driven, scalable, and measurable. We advance development objectives – even in the most restrictive or complex operating environments – by working with local actors to:​​​

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Assess and develop capacity
Co-create appropriate local solutions
Enhance transparency and accountability
Engage stakeholders of all types
Improve public service delivery
Promote and protect citizen voice for more responsive government
Measure success and continuously adapt for greater impact
Create safe platforms for transparent dialogue between citizens and governments
Communicate impact to highlight learning and evidence
"At NGS, we are proud to attract international development professionals who are driven by a thirst for best-fit, locally led solutions that demonstrate measurable impact and prioritize inclusivity and equity. Whether we are leading a governance project in Cambodia, providing niche support to another implementer, building capacity of new local partners, or supporting USAID in Washington, NGS applies an adaptable, collaborative, and results-focused approach that commands high quality service.  " 
Kaylin Nickol
President and CEO

NGS serves as a thought leader in the areas of democracy, human rights, and governance (DRG) as well as peacebuilding, transition, and stabilization. Key to the NGS approach and our success is an unwavering focus on weaving gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) – with a special focus on the integration of marginalized populations as a core component – into all development activities. In addition, adaptive management, communications, and learning are part of the NGS’ DNA, allowing us to iterate our project designs based on new evidence as it is generated. These priorities are key to NGS’s sectoral work rather than an afterthought.


NGS is a certified woman-owned small business solidifying its reputation as an effective, reliable implementing partner. As a growing firm, we invest in the systems of a much larger organization so that we can provide high quality support to our field operations, manage and mitigate risks, ensure compliance, efficiently hire and onboard the right personnel, and measure progress so that learning comes more easily. Our team comprises professionals who are energetic and passionate about what they do; creative yet systems-oriented; committed to making a difference globally; and eager to learn about what works in international development. 

The NGS team brings expertise from project to program to strategic level. 

Drawing on our experience in varied technical sectors and regions, our team supports organizations’ ability to improve performance and outcomes. We develop and implement strategic vision and practical action plans that transform individual capacity to organizational capacity.

Meet Our Team

Founder's Council

The NGS Founder’s Council is an informal, uncompensated advisory board to NGS’s executive leadership, lending their skills, guidance, knowledge, and networks in support of NGS’s growth and continued pursuit of excellence in international development programming. We are proud to be associated with these well-connected professionals committed to global impact.


Suzanne M Sullivan

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Christina Schultz

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Holly Flood

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