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How We Work

The developing world is as complex as it is dynamic, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our approach acknowledges and builds upon local context while seeking new, more inclusive and effective strategies. Applying a collaborative, congenial approach to each and every interaction, NGS focuses on adapting proven methodologies to our client’s nuanced needs. To do this, we:

Engage widely with as many stakeholders as possible

Build capacity at the individual, organizational, and systems level

Empower stakeholders to actively participate in solutions design

Sustain results by implementing innovative, adaptive, and iterative solutions


NGS thinks and works politically, thoroughly understanding the actors and factors at play within the systems where we operate.


We are committed to advancing development objectives within each unique context and carrying out our work in a cost-conscious way that maximizes donor dollars. This mission guides every aspect of our work.

The Latest from NGS

News and Updates

We publish recurring blogs, newsletters, and in-depth analysis of our work as a fast-growing international development implementing partner that is dedicated to strengthening public institutions and civil society and amplifying the voice of all citizens for more inclusive, accountable societies.

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