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What We Do

NGS works to build stable, more peaceful, and inclusive societies in a collaborative, empowering, and respectful way. We engage local stakeholders, especially youth, by working in close partnership and inviting them to join us in working and thinking politically for sustainable, more contextually relevant solutions. 

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While each program must be customized and contextualized, we pay attention to common threads. We work to design systems to capture learning and communicate about “what works” in international development.


We set up our partners for success by co-designing the programs alongside them and going above and beyond the terms of the agreement.

Strengthen governance by enhancing transparency and accountability

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Improve service delivery through citizen engagement

Support more inclusive, more equitable societies

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Devise sustainable, locally led solutions

Think and work politically for more contextually relevant solutions

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Engage youth to build an empowered future

Build stable, more peaceful societies

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Design systems to capture learning and communicate about “what works” in international development

Provide short and long-term technical expertise to donor institutions

The Latest from NGS

News and Updates

We publish recurring blogs, newsletters, and in-depth analysis of our work as a fast-growing international development implementing partner that is dedicated to strengthening public institutions and civil society and amplifying the voice of all citizens for more inclusive, accountable societies.

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